With every day we have more and more gadgets in our possession.

The world is creating the better and more useful gadgets that are becoming the irreplaceable things in our lives.

Now, there comes the time when you don’t need all of your electronics “toys” and you can sell them online to make money.

If you pass that period in your life when you don’t need some certain gadgets, instead of throwing them and letting them collect dust in your attic or basement, why not sell them, let someone else enjoy in the joys of the technology.

Make money online selling old gadgets.

How it Works?

Looking for a place to sell used electronics ?

BuyMyTronics will buy your used cell phones, iPods, iPads and other Apple products, digital cameras, tablets, and much more.


It reduces e-waste in the environment and increases the money in your wallet.It’s as easy as finding your product, getting a free quote, and sending it their way (shipping’s on them.)

Now, sit back and relax! Once your ‘tronic reaches their headquarters they will process your gadget and send you your cash!After creating account, find the gadget on the website, the one that you are selling.

Write everything about it, from the quality, condition, calculate the price, based on those and some other points.After accepting, you will need to send the gadget to them, with fedex.

They cover the shipping cost if it’s a qualifying order,meaning if they offered you money for at least one product in your “Recycle Cart.”


Get  Paid

Receiving: Your item should take 3-4 days to arrive at their offices if shipped from the Continental US.

Diagnostics: It takes about a week after receiving your item to inspect, diagnose and process your submission. If they determine that your item’s condition varies drastically from your description and the price is altered by $25 or 25%, they will notify you via email.

If you don’t like the new offer, we’ll send your product back. No hard feelings. For more details on this, please see their website.

image credit: thecoolgadgets.com