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Are you good at making useful and beautiful websites or blogs?

If  you can make a website that will do his job and purpose for long time, then this article is for you.

Do you know that a lots of people are looking online for someone to make their websites?

Well you can offer them finished and already prepared site to do its purpose.

Make Money Online Selling Websites….

You can make one website with different templates and sell them all for one day if you set the correct price and if you hit the right spot.

What I’m meaning when I say the right spot, well if you make a website for the right niche that is really popular, for example how to play a guitar, then you can sell a lots of sites for this particular niche.

Look to make sites for most popular industries online or offline and you will hit the jackpot.

Just making the blue or red website will not work, someone likes blue color but want to make a website about particular niche or category.

So every time you make a website put some pictures on theme, like guitar or dog or home etc…

Now, to sell website you can’t just wonder around online and asking people to but your site or template, you can do that but you will not make big progress.

What you need to do is to find websites where people are selling and buying the websites for themselves or for different types of business they run.

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Those sites are ebay for websites, a big marketplace where people who are typing “buy website” come and looks for your product that you made.

One friend of mine sells 3 to 4 sites a Day on these types of sites, and what he do is funny, he just makes one website and then makes copies of the same but for different types of business so that everone can find themselves or connect their emotins with the site or blog.

Every person has different opinions on different website look of course, and this gave him an amazing results and good amount of sales.

Here is the list of sites that I know for where you can create account, submit all informations about the site or blog that you are selling and start making some real cash.

Where To Sell?

Flippa – Buy and sell websites and find websites for sale in the most active auction marketplace.

Websitebroker – Websites and Domains for sale. List your site and find potential buyers.

Dealasite – Established websites for sale. It’s free to buy and sell a website or domain name at!

Websiteproperties – Website Properties specializes in selling established website businesses & internet business opportunities.


Enjoy the list, make good websites or sell your existing one and make money online.


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