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Well this is interesting post you’re about to read, and the website I’m about to tell you is one of a kind and will help you to make money online.

If you hate to travel short or long distances with your car because you don’t save any money and it’s boring, you are about to change your mind.

Now you will be able to save money, travel with interesting people and save the environment, be prepared for the best road trips.

The site is called and this website will help you to make money sharing your car with other people that are going to the same destination as you.

It’s funny name and even funnier but true way of making money by renting the seat in your car.

About The Website

Website actually first launched in France in 2006 as Covoiturage (French for ‘carpooling’), since then, company has expanded into Spain under the Comuto brand, and then they started in the Uk as BlablaCar.

And now is the leading car-sharing website in the UK with more than one million registered users and more than 250,000 car-sharing trips published every month.

The idea was to help people to save money when traveling with their car and make their travels more interesting. They accomplished this by letting you (owner of the car) to rent your car, and your seats with other passengers that are going to book place in your car and to travel with you.

This way, you will make money, make your traveling more exciting and lower the number of cars on the streets which is environmentally- friendly.

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Ways That You Can Make Money Online

How to Make Money

Basically wou will be payed to share your trip with other people that will rent a seat in your car.

From the website:

It’s very easy!

Drivers with a vehicle who need to make a trip simply post an ad for free about this trip, specifying the departure date and the number of available seats in their vehicle.
Passengers interested in this trip, which they found easily using the search engine, contact the drivers via the intermediary website in order to arrange to make the trip together. The car-sharers organise their trip and then travel together sharing the costs, which can often be a rewarding experience.


How do I get paid?

You will be payed by cash, you need ask the passenger directly at the point of departure for the amount initially agreed.

As you can see, this way everyone’s a winner and will achieve their goal, or should I say “destinations” with effective website like Blablacar.

So try it out and tell me your opinions and experiences in the comments.



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