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Since this is very unique Idea and interesting website I will try to go more into the details.

Probably some of you remember all those articles I wrote about sharing your car with others to make money or sharing your spare room or apartment. Well this article is about sharing your kitchen, cooking food for others, making new friends and getting paid for it.

The website is called NewGusto and it’s the “Facebook For Sharing Your Kitchen and Food”, basically the idea is too cook and prepare food which people can book and eat at your place.


About Website

NewGusto in their own Words:

NewGusto offers you the opportunity to experience new gastronomic moments for free enriched with home hearth and new people to meet.

You can invite your friends on NewGusto and can get reservations from the community to enjoy and evaluate your own cooking skills directly from your home, enhancing your cook’s fame. Add your menu and start cooking.

From the other side of the world or just around the corner, new friends are waiting to eat with you.

Sign up on NewGusto, show the world your cooking skills and – if you want – get your money refunded.

On NewGusto you decide whether you want to get refunded for your food shopping — in advance or when you meet your guests — or cook for free.

Everything is free, you can show your cooking  skills without paying anything. The front page of the website look like the facebook wall which is great. You can check the map also to see who to invite and where to eat, and there is orange button “Book Now” which can help you to book your meals.

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You can choose the date when you will have meal, do you want breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Set how many people will come to eat and much more.

After the booking will be created the wall of the event — accessible from your profile — where you will be able to communicate with the cook about the event’s details, to exchange feedback and share your photos and video.

If the cook asks for advanced payment you will be asked to pay after the cook has accepted your booking.

Here is the picture of how profile looks like, hope that Veru will not be mad at me for posting this 🙂



Making Money with NewGusto

As you can see here, the big picture is that you are able to make money Sharing your kitchen, and cooking skills, with friends and people from all over the world. You share what you are going to prepare, write details about the meal, and people will book your Kitchen.

You will meet new friends and earn money, or sometimes you can prepare food for free and have fun in meeting new people. You can follow people on the site, you can like their food and give feedback too, and you can let everyone see how good host or guest you are.

If you want to check out more, please visit the website and Share Your Kitchen.


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