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Whether you have already heard about it or not, Linkbucks is a great monetizing platform that can help any blog, forum owner or advertiser to increase their incomes and earn some extra money for personal pleasure. Less talk, more action! Keep on reading to see how you can make money when people leave your website, in just a matter of seconds!

Have you been looking for some of the best modalities to stop visitors to leave your website? Well, if you did, let us give you a hand in fulfilling this wish – the common ads are known to be a really pain in the back for most visitors, so creating some pleasant ones should be the first thing to come across our minds.

How Linkbucks works

It is easy, friendly and nevertheless, a good way to start making money! As a blog owner, there’s no wonder that at some point, you will wish to see the hard work and dedication pay off your great investment. Through Linkbucks, you can easily do that!

Blog/website owners

Linkbucks is a monetizing platform that works on a blog or website, mainly configured by the owners who are in the known of the fact that annoying pop-up ads never lead to good things. Instead, they drive the visitors away from the page, leaving your website with not a single follower in plus throughout time. These being said, here we meet the Linkbucks’ help – as a blog/website owner, you choose the links you wish to share and promote, so they are not previously imposed for you.

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Easy and Scam Free Ways of Earning Money Online

Also, another aspect of it is the payment which is done on demand via PayPal, after exceeding the limit of $10.00. Besides other monetizing platforms, Linkbucks is a trustworthy business, due to the fact that it never misses to do a payment.

Among the period of time from founding it to the present, the 2005-2013 years came with nothing but fame to the Linkbucks platform. Nowadays, you can easily find it among the Internet and became affiliate with their programs!

Another advantage of using Linkbucks everyday consists in the common code knowledge, which is at hand to any of us – in short, you do not need to have a special and super developed knowledge to set the links onto your blog, which is surely one great benefit for making money in an easy way!


There are plenty of advantages to become a Linkbucks advertiser – starting from the easy click through every connection to your website is done. Still, in order to get the money to your account, some requirements are ought to be taken into consideration and fulfilled – otherwise, the traffic is free. The first one consists in gaining your visitors’ attention for at least 8-10 seconds, among which they must not leave the page. In addition, JavaScript, Cookies and Flash enabled are highly required to get you the money when people leave your website!

These being said, there’s no wonder why Linkbucks is a monetizing platform over which any of us should be keeping an eye on!


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