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Life is wonderful when you got money. So, even when you are travelling, you need to have constant access to money so that you can keep enjoying the beauties of this wonderful world. Wondering why on earth you have to think about money when you have taken voluntary retirement from your day job for a week or two?

Because you have to pay for the hostel bed, restaurant and host of other similar expenses. Rather than breaking your bank account all the time, you should try to earn even when you are travelling.

Here I am going to give you some[tweetherder] innovative options to fund yourself while relaxing in the beautiful beaches[/tweetherder] of Mexico:

Be a Writer: The good thing about becoming a writer is that you need not have to learn anything new. Just get a notebook and start penning down your experience and do not forget to taking a snap or two of some beautiful surroundings. There are zillions of travel magazines available, who are looking for exciting write-ups all the time, and that means you would not have to make any strenuous effort to get your articles approved.

Be a Blogger: Not everyone can be a featured writer in NY Times. I know it needs a creative bend of mind that you might be missing. Do not look deserted because there is always a way to earn a few bucks while you are globetrotting. Why not create your own blog and then start posting your articles in it. When it starts getting steady flow of traffic, you can open it up to advertiser. A hassle free way to earn some extra cash.

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Be a Photographer: Ok, I know becoming a photographer is not that easy. But that does not mean that your photos will not have any audience. There are hundreds of amateur photographers, working around the world who are making a living by selling their photographs in some popular stock photography websites like GettyImages, iStock and their likes. Try your luck.

Video Journalism: With the increasing popularity of YouTube, armature videos are in great demand. So, by capturing a great moment you can easily earn a few bucks that may help you pay off the bills at restaurant.

Teach English Abroad: If you are a native English speaker, teaching is the hottest job you can apply for. China, France, Korea, Czech Republic etc are some countries where there is a huge gap between the availability of good spoken English teachers and its demand. Remuneration offered is not bad given the existing cost of living in those countries. Give it a try if you have a plan to stay abroad for a year or two.

Work Wirelessly: Since high-speed wireless Internet connection is becoming a reality in most of the developed and underdeveloped countries, you will be able to manage a team remotely. All you need to have is high-speed internet connection and notebook and there you go.

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  1. Great ideas. Another idea is to build an online income when you are still at home and start travelling when you have a real online business already built. Maybe a service you offer, webshop or blog you run.Work it up to your desired amount per month and you can travel a slong as you want.


    • That’s the best way you mentioned John, first we need to build a stable and passive income online and then we can work from our laptops while traveling the world.

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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