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What is it All About?

You probably have one room or whole house or apartment that you are not using, then rent your space on airbnb and make money.

Anything from tree house to boat, where person can stay and sleep over is good place to earn money.

Airbnb is short for “air bed and breakfast”, the main purpose of the site is to help people save money while travelling or staying in other country.

But also helping people to make extra income just from renting their extra living space on airbnb.

Instead of paying expensive hotel rooms, you can find the beautiful apartment in middle of Spain or France with much lower price.

Stay wherever you want with the cheapest prices and wonderful hosts, make new friends and connections.

If you are in hurry and don’t have time to book a hotel room or you forgot to do it, instead of sleeping on the street, just turn your smartphone, smartphone or tablet and book a place on airbnb for very affordable prices.

How it Works And How to Make Money with Airbnb?

The whole idea can help you to save and to make money online with airbnb.

After creating an account, post your place up for a rent, take pictures of your place, write everything that people should want to know about the place and also about you, create profile with nice picture.

Set up your price for night, week or month, depending on when do you have that place free.

Listing your property on Airbnb is free. It can be a lucrative source of income and a great way to meet people from around the world.

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They collect 3% of each accepted reservation to cover the cost of processing the guests’ payment.

For example, if you have listed your property for $100 a night and a guest books one night, you will receive $97.00 from Airbnb, which is very great.

Simply select whichever payout method you would prefer, and Airbnb will release your payment 24 hours after your guest checks in.

Your available payout options differ by country. If you are in the U.S., you can select to be paid via check, PayPal, or direct deposit (ACH).

For most other countries they can pay you with PayPal or bank transfer (internationally or through their local banking partners).

Starting August 15th, when hosts book reservations through Airbnb, their personal property will be covered for loss or damage due to vandalism or theft caused by an Airbnb guest up to $50,000 with their Airbnb Host Guarantee.

So you don’t need to worry who’s staying in your place, all you need to worry is how much you want to make and how to rent your place more.

If you are a new host, you may want to undercut the market rate to attract travelers who are comparing your place to those with existing reviews.

They suggest pricing your first booking at about 25% less than your ideal price.

Once you’ve got a review or two, you can start incrementally increasing your price. This is a good long-term strategy.

Rent your place and make money online with airbnb.


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