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Ways To Make Money Online

Make Money With Clickbank

2 Mins read

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a digital product marketplace where people upload their products so others can promote it or buy it and place where people can promote  other peoples  products for money.

How to make money with clickbank fast and easy way?

I will not write a big post to confuse you, all you need to know is that you need to find good product to promote on clickbank. And if you are confused about what to choose, just think what you know the best, what is the subject that you are familiar with. Get the products link called hoplink and promote it. Now the catch is in the promotion of the product. Without big amount of traffic, the product that you are going to promote will bring you any earnings.

If, for example you find a product related to exercise and healthy eating, then the good place to promote it would be places where people talk about exercise and healthy eating, places like forums or blogs. Now, the best way to sell other people’s product and make money is to own a website or blog where you write on topic that is related to exercising and food.

The catch with this is that you need to buy product first for yourself and give the honest opinion on it, like I did with some products here on my blog. Test the product and write a review on your blog, at the end of the article put the hoplink  that leads to the product. But to be successful with selling new products, you need to have the list, the LIST is the power source, remember that.

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That is way you are seeing on every popular affiliate site or blog having that “enter your email and downland this for free” they put that because once your email is in their list, you are potential new customer. Some successful affiliate marketers have huge lists, containing millions of emails, now imagine when they want to promote new product every month and then thay use that list, people will get emails and just will go for the products and affiliate marketers will profit from it.

You can also make a video on youtube and share the hoplink there, you will be more exposed. And yes it is true, you don’t need a website or blog to promote products, or if you want a blog but don’t have enough money for hosting and domain then you can use free blog platforms like blogger or tumblr.

This was the short and fast introduction on how you can make money online with clickbank fast and secure. Don’t lie to your visitors and readers, buy the product like I did and give the honest review, people will appreciate it.

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