Many people are making money with CJ (Commission Junction), but this article is for the ones that want to learn how to make money with commission junction.

What is CJ and how does it work?

Commission Junction is large affiliate program network (like clickbank) that offers thousands of products from different industries/categories for you to get commissions from.

Once you have applied to join Commission Junction you then need to apply to join some of the many programs from those categories. Each advertisers in the system has their own program and if you wish to promote their products you apply to do so. Once your application is approved you are then able to use links provided to promote their products.

You can choose then what type of ads format (text, banner,buttons, etc.) you are going to use and promote, you will need a website or a blog to be able to promote those products.

When the visitor on your website/blog makes an actual purchase online or fills out a form, that transaction is tracked and recorded by Commission Junction, and you as (the publisher) will make money.

And one of the best products to promote on commission junction that will bring you a lots of  earnings are online products like web hosting or domain selling.

Some of the companies  are giving $130 per sale, because most of the hosting users subscribe for year or two, the same is with the domain names.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up, promote your product or earn money as an affiliate and make money with it, one tip for beginners:

don’t get lost in choosing the right product, because their  list of industries/categories is huge, watch which one are paying good money and for network earnings, because products with low network earnings chart are not worth promoting, good luck.