Today when everyone has a smartphone with a HD camera and technology gets cheaper and cheaper, it’s pretty easy to take a picture whenever you want. And if you can make money on the way, it’s even better. Because as you can see, all over the world, there are more and more people loosing their jobs, one place where you should take a closer look, no matter if you’re young or old, is Internet. Opportunities are endless and new markets are opening almost every day.

Jobs didn’t disappear, they just evolved and changed the shape, and evolution is happening, right here and right now, on the web.

This next iphone app can help you to make money online, how… here are their exact words:

Foap is an iPhone app that turns your photos into dollars. Snap a photo and start earning money now.

How it Works?

It’s pretty simple, the app is free, you just download it, take a photo, upload to foap market and when someone buys your picture you will get paid.

And the best things is, you can sell the same picture over and over again, there is no limit. You earn $5 each time your photo get sold and you can get paid with paypal.

As you can see, it’s easy, fast and you can earn a lot, just check out what the market is looking for and you will always sell a lot of pictures.