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I’m trying to write the best description of the Instagram for you to understand it’s purpose. And all it comes to my mind is the “picture filter”, basically you install the app on your smartphone and change the look of your pictures through the amazing filters that Instagram has.

And then your pictures look more professional and cool, people like it and it is going to become even bigger deal. Since facebook recently bought this same app for 1 billion, yes with a B, lol.  That’s all information I collected about the app over the time.

There is a huge market out there, and people now can even make money with Instagram just by selling their own prints from pictures.


How to Make Money With Instagram?

If you have nice collection of photos, you can use a website called Instaprints, to make money with prints made from Instagram photos. That’s it, I don’t want to bother you with long article, but keep reading to learn more.

In their own words:

With a few clicks, artists and photographers can import their Instagram photos to and sell framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more to a global audience of art collectors.

From my personal experience, it is really easy to start using the website, you can sign in using your instagram credentials. Once you’re inside, your pictures are automatically shared on the website, but don’t worry nobody will see them until you approve which ones are for selling and which ones are not.

You then set the name and description of the image and of course set the price, don’t change the default price tag in order to attract more buyers. Default prices on my pictures were like this: for canvas print $30, for art print $12 and for greeting card $4.95, I didn’t change the prices, I just posted the images and website did all the valuation. But you can change the price to lower or higher of course.

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They do All The Work!

And if your pictures are good enough, this can be one of the easiest ways to make some cash on the side. When a customer decides to purchase one of your prints, they take care of everything to finalize the order: process the customer’s payment,print your photo,stretch it on stretcher bars (if applicable),frame it and mat it (if applicable),package it and ship it!

You just need to upload interesting photos and to enter your paypal email address so you can receive the payments. On the 15th of each month, you receive payment from Instaprints via check or PayPal for all of the orders that you received during the previous month.

Interesting Stuff!

You can even buy your own prints, and there is no minimum balance required to be paid when you sell. If you make a sale and earn $5 in profit, they’ll mail you a check for $5, it can’t be better than this. Check out the Instaprints and start making money with your Instagram photos.


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