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Monetizing the work you do online is not an easy job to do. So from time to time it is good to find the ways to monetize your efforts and talent.

This technique will bring you some money on the side or even a full paycheck, cause you will be payed for your tweets, videos and blog posts.

Finding the online opportunities is becoming easier thanks to these types of websites, where you can use the “power” you posses online to achieve a little of financial freedom.

Sometimes that financial freedom will depend from your social media status and community you are building around you.

How It Works?

The process is simple, site is called mylikes, and they are giving opportunity to advertisers and publishers.


For  Advertisers

Now if you are an advertiser, and you have something you would like to promote and bring to the next level of exposure and success all you need to do is to sign in, advertise your business for certain price and enjoy the benefits from making your business growing. You can find more info on the site.

For Publishers

How To Make Money?

Since you are publisher, we can assume that you have a lots of followers on tweeter and you have a successful blog or a website with loyal visitors and readers. If that’s the case then you can start making money online using the opportunities you already have.

Create sponsored video, tweet or blog post, and you will earn money each time someone views or click your tweets, blog posts or videos.

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Create sponsored Likes for advertisers/sponsors that you Like. A sponsored Like can be any of the following 3 things – a sponsored Tweet, a sponsored Video or a sponsored Tumblr entry.

You get paid every time you receive a click on Twitter & Tumblr and every time you receive a video view on YouTube. Your payment-per-click or payment-per-view is constantly adjusted based on how effective you are in promoting your favorite sponsors.

How much will I get paid?

Every user who signs up on MyLikes gets a social score. Your MyLikes social score determines how much you get paid-per-click or view.

Your social score is based on various different engagement metrics such as the number of comments, likes and re-tweets you receive, as well as how often your audience clicks on links posted by you or view the videos you upload.

They also look at metrics downstream such as how many conversions / sales the advertisers received from your sponsored Likes.

You will be rewarded more if your audience find your sponsored likes more useful and entertaining.

So basically you will monetize your online audience without any troubles, depending of your online status and reputation.


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