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You have a lots of notes that you took on your classes and you know that your friends and other students would benefit from it.

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NoteWagon is the marketplace where you can sell and buy student notes, everything from study guides,practice problems to chapter summaries.

Students can upload their course notes online and tag the classes that hold relevance and allow there classmates to download the notes.

Every download the originator gets (real) money!! The website is now at 18 Major Universities.

How It Works?

Although students can sell their notes for whatever price they would like, NoteWagon provides price suggestions based on the types of notes uploaded. For example, $2 is recommended for a lecture summary, while $3 is standard for reading notes on each chapter.

Meanwhile, $5 – $10 is expected for an exam study guide and $20 is typically charged for comprehensive course study guides.

Note takers can choose to either receive a check in the mail or cash their earnings through PayPal.

NoteWagon is aimed to create the social learning platform where students can share content online making Universities across the world an integral part of active societal learning where students contribute to content.

You can use NoteWagon Tokens to purchase or download documents, tokens can be earned by referring friends or by buying tokens in packages.

The History and Team.

I wanted to show you some more info I found on the Internet, to prove you that this is the real deal and that company is legit.

Founded:January 2011

Location: 153 Townsend st., San Francisco, CA

About: NoteWagon is a peer-learning platform for the modern student: get $$$ for your notes and get notes for your classes.

CEO/Founder: Saif Altimimi

CTO/COO:Gabriel Chan

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