The new year 2012 started and here I am to tell you about this amazing website, where you will get paid for online courses you create.

If you are web designer, blogger, internet marketing expert,professor or any other specialist in your field and you have a history behind your work then you can make money by creating your online courses.

People need knowledge about something that is going to help them or fulfill their dreams, and is all about that, place that is going to give you a chance to record, spread and boost your knowledge with others that are willing to pay for it.


How It Works?

Pick a topic that you are expert in and share your knowledge.

  • Title your course,
  • Write up a description, and
  • Create your bio


Add content that people are going to learn from.


  • Video, PowerPoints, PDFs, MP3s, Documents, Articles, Pictures, Zip Files, and more

Import Media:

  • From YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Flickr, UStream, and more with just 1 click


  • Simply drag and drop your media to shape your course into “chapters” and “lectures”.



Publish and Promote and Make Money.

Final step is to publish your work you created and promote it on social media sites and all over the internet.


  • Set a price (or give it away) and keep 70% of all revenue from sales


  • Go live to the world


  • With Facebook, Twitter, Coupon Codes, and Widgets


  • Engage with students through your course’s discussion board

The website process is very easy, in just 60 seconds you can create your first online course and start making money online.

Your course is your copyright, everything you create stays yours, you’ll save your hard work and earn thousands of dollars on the way.

Take your course, embed it on your website or blog, for better promotion and growth of your revenue.

Host a Live Session

You can even host a live class on Udemy complete with presentation-sharing, multiple live videos, chat-room, and whiteboarding.

Live session are very useful and people choose more to pay this type of sharing.

Since mobile phones industry is huge these days, you can also watch everything on your smartphone because website is using HTML5, which means your course will work on any device.


Site is very popular and was mentioned by some big names in Internet World, CEO is one great guy from Turkey and amazing math genius.

Visit this great website, and make money with your online courses.