You are probably using bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc.

And you are maybe very active on these type of sites, if you are then why not monetize it.

Now you can get paid for just simple bookmarking, bookmark other peoples websites and get paid for your submissions.

Bookmarking Site That Pays Money

How to make money bookmarking  other people’s websites or blogs.

The site is called SquirrelCache,  you will use SquirrelCache to add bookmarks to bookmark services, which are also called social bookmarks services,  and you’ll earn for doing so.

Payment is made through Liberty Reserve without any minimum restriction.

Payments using Alertpay have a minimum limit of $5.00 due to the high fees Alertpay applies.

You can also earn by referring others and also bringing in advertisers, various SquirrelCache banners are available inside the member area.

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You can earn money with SquirrelCache as follows:

You create  an account with any bookmark service you want  to (Delicious,Mister Wong and any other you want). You are free to choose the services you wish to participate in.

You pick the websites within their member’s area, and add it to your bookmark service account by saving the website name, URL and description (available in member’s area, too).

After adding website, you click a button to tell them you’ve completed job
Then the system checks the link and they pay you within a few hours.

You can refer new members and also advertisers to SquirrelCache and earn commissions from their earnings/payments: 10% from referred members earnings and 5% from referred advertiser payments. Exact statistics are always available in the member area.