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I just love writing to you about these types of websites, where the opportunity to make money online will not get in the question.
Doing what you love and making money from it is one of the best things the person can achieve in life.

When you have something to offer to others and to make their life much easier and more beautiful, is something that I’m always willing to write about and fight for. Providing the meaning in this life is the only thing that can makes us to keep doing what we do and love doing what we do.

The music is one form of art that will always have special place in my heart, without music I wouldn’t be able to inspire myself, to motivate myself in the way that only music can achieve.

It’s strange how people interact when the music surrounds them, they cry, they laugh, they think deeply, maybe it’s not strange, maybe it shows that we humans need good music and good musicians and artists in order to figure out something and to open our eyes.

That’s why I love to support this form of entertainment, and many others too, and that’s why I’m writing you about this website where you will be bale to make money with your music.

About The Website

The website is called, a place where your music will become more visible to your listeners and fans, a place where your dreams and reality are becoming a one.

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With their professional and completely free tools, you can earn money online, generate more attention for your music, and save time all at once. brings together all actors of the music industry. Artists, labels, promoters, media representatives and music lovers can all share their passion for music in one place.

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How To Make Money Selling Music

The website will provide you your online shop, where you can sell your music and make money. They take only 10% which is better then any other websites I know about.
You can embed your shop anywhere, on your blog, website,fan page, it’s easy as copy and paste.

They will help you licence your music for commercial and private use, so you don’t need to worry about that and to stress yourself.
Money goes straight to you and the automatically generated contracts guarantee legal security for both parties. will help you to connect Facebook, Myspace, SoundCloud, Youtube or Twitter account to your profile, so you don’t have to update the same information about your songs and concerts all over again on every network.

Facebook App – the solution to selling music on Facebook

They basically created an app which helps you to sell your music directly on Facebook. The app allows you to sell songs and albums directly to fans without any redirections. And 90% of the earnings go straight to your account, your fans just need to click purchase and that’s it.

You can offer each of your albums for streaming, download or for sale.

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There are so more options like: booking pool, facebook label app, extensive statistics and more, you just need to go to the website and see for yourself. And for the end here is a video to help you understand them little bit better.

Once you succeed to make money and start selling your songs and music, send me one link for free streaming 🙂


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