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Technology is sure going to improve the way we work, sell and earn money online. It’s becoming as easy as sharing a link to sell something and to get paid.

If you really want to get your online business to the next level you need to know where the pockets right now. And I can tell you one thing, they are in the links right now, people all over the world are buying and selling stuff with one link and site like one I’m about to tell you in this post.

And as the title says: “if you can type, you can definitively sell” and you can make money online, your links are about to pay off with merchee.

What is Merchee?

It’s a cool website that makes it easy for non-developers to accept credit cards and charge for recurring subscriptions.

It means you will be able to accept payments for selling your stuff much easier, you don’t need merchant account or gateway.

All you need to do is to create your shopping link and share it online, just through that link you will be able to sell your products, subscriptions or deals.

The great feature of merchee is that you don’t need to scare your buyers with checkout pages from other companies, you can modify checkout pages to look like your website and represent your brand, your buyers will love you for this.

It’s really fast to join and set up everything, you will just need to follow the steps and you’ll be ready to sell in a moment.

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You just need to check out the website to see a lot more and features, there is no way I can write about everything here in one blog post.

How to Use it?

It’s simple, you create your account and setup your product, including price, description and how people are going to pay, one time payment or with recurring payments.

You then copy the link merchee provides you with, you can share that link all over the web and sell your products in seconds. It’s easy, no store or shopping cart to set up, just merchee.

Grow faster: They have built in affiliate marketing & easy referral rewards programs so that you can get whole world promotes for you and earning rewards while your business grows stronger and faster.

How much does it cost?

They will only charge you once you earn money, there are no upfront fees, monthly fees, gateway fees or hidden costs, they take only only 4.5% and 45¢ per transaction.

Get Paid Daily!

Daily settlements: Earnings are deposited to your bank account on a 7 day rolling basis.

About the CEO:

Colin Holowaychuk

Colin has over ten years of experience in international payment processing, and 18 years in marketing and startup businesses. He was VP Marketing and Sales, N. America and Senior Product Advisor at Neteller (now Optimal Payments). During the 4 years at Neteller, revenues grew from $1 million to $20 million per month, they listed on the London AIM and achieved a market cap of over $2 Billion.

He was President of ProBilling, where in less then 3 years he built a team that leveraged the unique value proposition of guaranteed online payments and recurring subscriptions in international markets to attract over 5500 merchant customers and tens of thousands of websites.

Colin consults with businesses, helping them manage growth, smooth out the pains of international payment processing and the complexities of subscription management, this ongoing pain lead to the birth of merchee.


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For more information, I highly recommend you to visit the website and start selling your products more faster and making more money online.


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