It can be good to know of a few ways that you can make money really quickly. It means that if you have an emergency and need money, that you will not have to get a loan in order to get the money. Earning money and being paid on the same day can be tricky, but it is possible.

You will need to be prepared to work hard and to do your research. If can research when you are not desperate for money, then you will have some options available to you when you do. It is worth thinking about what you will be prepared to do. It might be that you can put your hand to anything or that you might only want to do specific work. Obviously this could change your options but it is worth thinking about it and then you will be able to more easily pick between jobs.

If you like more physical work then you might be able to find some work helping out local builders, gardeners or decorators. If you have some skills in this area this could help but it might be that they just need someone that will get on with whatever they are asked and just help out for a while. You may find companies asking online or it could be worth phoning around local companies to see if they need help. You may even be able to offer your services doing this to people directly if you have equipment or if they have equipment that you can use.

If you would rather do office work then you might be able to pick up temporary work through an agency or directly through a company. Some large companies will employ temps directly and others will go through agencies so it can be wise to look at both. You may find that you can get some work quite quickly as they often need people to cover when others are off ill or on holiday and sometimes need people last minute. Temporary staff members tend to be paid weekly and so you can get money pretty quickly compared with other jobs.

If you already have a job then you may not be able to take up these options as you may not have enough time. However it may still be possible for you to find some work to fit in around your job. This could be evening and weekend work, perhaps working in a bar, restaurant, supermarket or something like this. Alternatively you may be able to find some work online which may fit in around other jobs. You might be able to do some freelance work if it does not have a deadline which is unmanageable and there are websites where you can pick up work like this. There are also sites where you can pick up smaller jobs which could be easier to do and finish within a shorter time period. Sometimes online work may not pay so quickly though so if you need the money fast do make sure that you check this.