Landing pages are pages that should boost your conversion up to the top but in lot of cases, they actually kill conversions. And that really sucks, because you spend so much time building it in order to capture emails or make sales but you get nothing in return. I know that feeling and that feeling is the reason why I decided to create this post.

I’ve been creating landing pages my whole IM career. I know ins and outs of a good landing page and I can easily judge if a landing page can make any money or not. In my whole life, I probably created over 200 landing pages and first 40-50 landing pages didn’t made me any actual money.


The learning process is to long. You just can’t come up with a great landing page if you never spent any time reading or practicing. When I was starting out, there was absolutely no information about landing pages that I could take use of so I needed to learn it myself. It was damn hard but I become damn good in it.

I will try to share my wisdom with you and show you how you can actually create awesome landing pages. I will teach you what mistakes you should never make when creating a landing page.

Mistake #1

To much information to fill in. That’s a big NO for most of the visitors. That is the reason why email submit landing pages have the biggest conversion because visitors needs to submit only their email and nothing else. The form is also easily visible and reachable.

Mistake #2

No specific call to action. I’ve been seeing landing pages that are promoting couple of different offers and I immediately got confused and I left it after few seconds. All landing pages should concentrate only on one specific offer. A good call to action that is easily understandable is what makes conversion go higher.

Mistake #3

Too much text. It’s a landing page, not a blog post. Keep it short. Only information related to product or an offer and only what you think visitor will definitely need.

Mistake #4

Boring headline. Or even worse, no headline. Headline needs to be attractive and you should definitely work split testing for this one to. Change it and see if will work better.

Mistake #5

Slow landing page. Same with the rest of the website. If it loads slow, people will leave. Make it fast. It’s only one page so it’s doable.

Mistake #6

It lacks credibility. If it it looks scammy, no one will leave credit card information. Not even an email because the first thing they will think of is spam!

If you don’t make these landing pages mistakes, you are good to go!