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Everyone at some point can use some extra cash. You know those moments: it’s nearing the end of the month and the previous month’s paycheck is puffing its way to the finish line, stretched to within an inch of its life, and you’re counting the cents (let alone the dimes), trying to figure out how to last until that next paycheck finally comes in.

This, coupled with the fact that everyday living in itself has become more and more expensive, is never more frustrating than when the holidays are approaching, and that added pressure is keeping you awake through the night, trying to find a sum (somehow, somewhere) that actually works.

Well, with some smarts and by setting aside a little time, you can make money through other means to boost your monthly income and save yourself the endless cycle of worry (and save your family from existing on rice and beans each time you’re financially over-stretched, and hopefully waking on Christmas morning to see that Santa did manage to visit).

Second Jobbing – Utilize Your Skillset

The most obvious option is to pick up some secondary employment that can be fit in around your main job. Depending on what you normally do, this could utilize that main skill set that serves you well in the 9 to 5, or could help to broaden your experience in other areas. No-one’s saying dredge up the spirit of your teenage years and start flipping burgers at McDonald’s again (unless, of course, you want to).

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Rather, think about newer skills you may not even realize you’ve gained. For example, if you’re a parent, have you thought about childminding in the evenings or at weekends? Similarly, if you have a degree in a more academic subject, have you considered tutoring? These sound somewhat innocuous suggestions, and yet you might be surprised how well they pay these days. Every little helps, and earnings from these types of jobs add up in the long run.

Branching Out Alone – Start-Ups

Of course, if you seriously want to change your financial situation (and not be dependent on an incoming monthly payment as an employee), then if you’re of an entrepreneurial mindset, why not take the plunge and finally pursue that small business venture concept you’ve been coddling like a cherished child for all these years?

This is evidently an option to take up once you’ve second-jobbed for a while (or are on more stable financial footing) and your bank account isn’t in the middle of imitating a barren wasteland (the bank itself would certainly be hesitant to back you and your dream company, otherwise). Nonetheless, getting that start-up off the ground, implementing the latest in business telephony systems and actively engaging as a boss, rather than an employee, will prove beneficial not only financially, but morally too.

Indeed, by the winter following you won’t even recognize that desperate worrier you once were, and the looming of another Christmas will be as inconsequential as a new week – probably. You’ll never know unless you try!

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