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Do you know how big of an industry babysitting (AKA Day care or baby care) has become? In US alone, the child care industry is estimated to be generating an impressive 50 billion dollars in revenue, and employs more than 1.5 million people in different capacities. The reason for sharing these numbers is to highlight the scope for teenagers looking to earn some extra income.

Many have managed to earn quite good by opting for babysitting as a part time job in their teenage, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. The only requirements are … you need to be mature enough (at least 14 to 15 years of age), havethe basic knowledge of first aid, and CPR, and ideally some sort oftraining and certification. If you can fulfill all of these requirements, you can be earning as much as $18 dollars per hour, which is actually more than what many adult workers manage to earn. However, you will have to do some research and marketing to find some jobs in your neighborhood. Even better, you can join one of those popular websites featuring babysitting and child care jobs and apply for the jobs posted by people looking for a housekeeper, babysitter, or someone to look after their pets in their absence.

Following are the top five websites to find these jobs.


Sitter city is a very popular websites for people looking for babysitters or nannies in the US. With many different background checks, and screening procedures in place, it enables the parents to select a babysitter after due diligence. Once a babysitter or nanny applies for the job, parents can have a look at the reviews, background check, references and conduct interviews before finalizing the best candidate. As a babysitter, all you need to do is to create a profile, search for the jobs posted by people in your locality, and apply. You can join for free. Apart from the jobs, offers a lot of learning material for both, parents as well as babysitters.

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Care is another well-knownsite with jobs ranging from child care to pet care, and housekeepers. If you are looking for a job, you can sign up for free and complete your profile. The site lets youto sift through the job’s database by using different filters like hourly rates, type of job, or your location. Apart from serving as a platform for parents and babysitters, offers many informative articles, pay rate calculators, as well as many different types of childcare jobs.

Nannies 4 Hire:

Nannies 4 hire is another website where you can get yourself registered as a nanny. Remember that a nanny’s job is pretty much the same as a baby sitter (i.e. you are supposed to look after kids),the only difference is that a nanny is responsible for a bit more as compared to a baby sitter. While a babysitter job is precisely to “keep an eye on the kids???, a nanny might be called to do a lot more, from cooking to driving the kids to their school or the likes. Of course, you will have to be a lot more mature and skilledto get a nanny job, but you will be getting much higher rates as well. Again, the website has a handy resource center,featuring plenty of articles for both families and wannabe nannies.

Sitting around:

Sitting around is another site made specifically for parents. Apart from posting a job for paid sitters, they can join groups and get into a setting where parents in the same locality will sit for each other (with the help of a point system). You will earn points by babysitting for someone else, while you will have to transfer points when someone else sits for you. But teenagers looking for babysitting jobs toocan join the website, and when a parent search for a paid sitter, they will find your profile giventhat you meet their criteria. The best part is, when you complete a successful gig for some parents, you might get into their trust list, hence standing more chances to get jobs in future. You can join for free or pay a small fee to get rid of the ads.

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Urban Sitter:

Urban sitter is another website, where you can join for free, and set your own rates. You will be getting the email notifications or alerts when someone from your close proximity posts a job. Urban Sitters integrates with the social networks like Facebook, so you will be getting many jobs via referrals as well.

For babysitters, Bashir offers a coupon code (find it here) and coupons for Sittercity (grab them here). Sittercity has been helping parents find babysitters for over 10 years. offers care services for the whole family (children, seniors, and pets). Whether you need care or your are a care provider visit the mentioned coupon pages to join the system at a discount.


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