There are lots of ways to make money, but many of us are not so sure about ways to make money online. We might be worried that it will actually end up costing us money. There are ways to earn online that will cost money, such as starting an online business, investing money or some work from home sites that charge money. However, there are also lots of ways that you can make money for free.

There are lots of work from home sites where you look for jobs for free. You may be limited in how many jobs you can apply for if you have free membership, but it still gives you the option to work without paying out anything. These sites will ask you to submit a CV and describe your skills and then you will be able to look at the advertised jobs and apply for them. Often you will need to compete against other applicants and state how much you would want to be paid for the work. This can means that you have to pitch a low price, but if you have a unique skill or quality that sets you above the others you may still be able to charge more and get the work. It will all depend on what is required from the role.

There are less formal sites as well, where you can do small jobs for small amounts of money. These can be better if you do not have a lot of time or you want to try out a few things. They can also be a good way to meet possible employers and they may give you more work as a result of what you have already done for them.

If you want to try something less formal then you could try doing questionnaires. These do not pay as well, but you just answer questions about yourself. Some people enjoy doing this and others do not. You will be giving away information about yourself, so you will need to decide whether you are happy with doing this and if you enjoy doing this sort of thing. You can be asked about all sorts of things from your political viewpoint to your opinions on new product packaging.

If you like a bit of fun, then a free lottery site could be for you. Although there is no guarantee that you will ever win, it can be worth having a go, There are lots of these around and you register for free. Then you visit the site every day to see if you have win. The prizes will differ a lot between sites depending on their popularity as they fund their prizes through advertising revenue. The amount you can win will vary for £5 to over £1000. It takes a small amount of time to check each day and you could get some money from it. The odds on some sites are probably similar to lotteries you pay to enter but you can win a prize without paying out.