Everyone wants to know how they can make money online. It seems to be a widespread misbelief that there is some secret ‘get rich quick’ scheme that we are all keeping under our hats. I’m going to have to come clean here and burst your bubble…. there isn’t!

Just like any other profession, working online takes a little bit of determination and hard work. Even if you start trading on binary option platforms it will take some luck to actually earn some money consistently. You won’t find a miraculous quick-fix that will see you suddenly gain hundreds of dollars extra in your bank each month, for doing virtually nothing. It would be amazing if that really did happen though, wouldn’t it?

That’s not to say that you can’t make money online because you can. Here are just a few of the ways that you can succeed in making money online, the stress-free way by putting in a little work.

Find your niche – If you can find something that you are good at doing, you find a better chance of making a living from it online. For example, if you are a really great writer and can write regular copy in an engaging way, then you could try your hand at starting your own blog.

Quick guide to blogging


Becoming a blogger is relatively easy these days. Simply invest in a tablet or PC and find yourself a catchy name for your website. Upload a theme and start writing. Making a successful blog that people want to read takes hard work and dedication though. Try to add content on a regular basis to keep readers coming back for more.

You can make money from your blog by placing sidebar adverts and approaching companies who may pay you to either write about their products. Or they may give you free access to some of their goods in return for coverage.

Make and sell a product or service: You need to get creative when you try to make money online. Think about how you can create something yourself to sell.

Quick guide to selling online

You could create an e-book and distribute it quickly and easily worldwide. There is good money to be made, and the process is surprisingly simple.

If you are talented at design, you could create your own web based products such as fonts, website themes or artwork. Sell these to other online brands and companies, and you can earn plenty of stress-free money!

You could also register with selling websites such as Etsy and Ebay to sell your products. They charge a small commission fee so price your products accordingly to allow for this.

Investing and trading online: You can make money and invest money online by using a selection of simple products and guides.

Quick guide to investing and trading online

Plan your proposed investment ideas carefully.  Once you have made your choices you have a number of options. Use programs such as AVATrade to help with foreign exchange market trading and more.

Try to keep note of your investments via handy apps and learn the best times to stick or sell. Developing a sense of intuition about the investments you make will allow for more potential revenue to come your way.