If you want to make money online, then you may wonder where to start and whether there are some making money services that you could use. There are actually different types of websites that you can go to, to make money and it is worth understanding a bit more about them.

Survey sites
Many people choose to earn online by doing surveys. You can sign up to a variety of different sites and they will send you notifications of when there are surveys available or you can log in to the site regularly and see what is available. Some sites will only notify you when there is a survey that is specifically relevant to you and therefore you will qualify for, but others will send your surveys that have some screening questions first and then you will either be given a full paid survey or rejected and often not paid. Some people rather choose sites where they cannot be rejected as they do not like to waste time without being paid or they choose sites which pay even if you are screened out. It can be worth signing up to a selection of sites to increase the money that you make, although some may use surveys form the same companies and you may end up getting screened out of a lot if you have done them before. Often the companies will only pay you once you have accumulated a certain amount of money, so you may want to check that before you sign up.
Freelance Work sites
There are some sites which will list freelance work that you can pick up. These will usually take a commission, so you will need to check what you will be paid and whether you will need to add extra on to allow for their charges. These can be good places to find potential employers and work in a variety of different areas. Even if you think that you will not have the right skills, it can be worth taking a look at the site as you never know what might be there that could match up with what you are capable of doing. These tend to pay more than many other types of sites to earn money online as well. You may need to submit your CV though.
Small job sites
There are some sites which deal specifically with small jobs. These can be great for anyone who is fitting work around a busy life or has other work as well but wants a bit of extra cash. It can also be a good way to try out a new customer and they may then have larger jobs for you afterwards. These sites will also tend to charge a little bit of commission.
Cashback sites
These do not pay you for doing work but if you shop online, they will give you cashback on your purchases. This can be very useful if you do shop a lot online as it means that you can get back some of the money that you have paid. These sites need to be used carefully though because you might be tempted to spend more money because you will get more cashback. This makes no sense as you will be paying out more than you are gaining. Therefore only use them if you know that you can trust yourself to use it wisely.