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Have you ever asked yourself how do you want your boss to treat you? Do you manage to take them as they come or you have some special requirements in regards to their behaviour on you, as well as the way they treat their employers? Well, a boss is never someone to say no to, you might say. Still, if you have some self-respect and know how much you are worth it, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines and see how you can make the difference between a boss and a real leader – someone to inspire you and make the best out of yourself!


Using People vs. Developing People

It is one of the easiest things to observe – if there is someone to use you, then you should know by far we are talking about a boss, and not a real leader. The second one would be the right one to stick to your wishes and make the best out of yourself while helping you develop and see the bright side. On the other hand, the boss will always have you do one thing and the other one and then say nothing to you, not even a thank you.


Inspiring Others

The main difference between a boss and a real leader when it comes to inspiring others is the way they use this inspiration – a real leader will inspire others become better and learn more, while the real boss will always inspire fear. This is how it goes, since knowing there is someone who has a great say in your life will always make you shake and not feel in your most comfort way ever. This is, again, something easily to be seen and spotted. Still, make sure not to make a link between inspiring and staying in your comfort zone!

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Talking I Instead of We

Now, I know this might sound childish – and it might really be childish. But tell me, how eager are you to start working when someone talks of we instead of I? I know for sure it is really important for a real leader to involve his workers in the job in such a way they will feel as being a real part of it. On the other hand, a boss will always assume the work. What part are you?


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