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Building brand awareness can be challenging. How can a company go about doing so while obtaining a good return on investment? Following are some techniques every business should try.

Guest Content

It can be difficult for businesses to come up with fresh content. Why do this alone? Turn to trusted partners in the industry, allow them to create guest content, and share it on both sites. Each business benefits as they get their brand in front of the target audience, and they may attract new customers in the process. Doing so takes little effort on the part of the business that requests this help, but be prepared to reciprocate. Both partners need to benefit in this situation. Appiloque can be of help in finding partners to work with.


Remember the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. This statement definitely holds true on the social network Instagram. The site allows brands to tell their stories through the images they choose to share with followers. In addition, text can be added to these posts to better share a company’s message. A company can use this to their advantage and allow followers to contribute to the posts. Simply ask that photos of the products in use be uploaded to the site and shared with friends and family. This is another great way to increase brand awareness and reach more people.


With the help of this social media site, businesses discover they can not only boost awareness of their brand, but they can also create a community among their followers. Using the site, a company can speak directly to the community and share information about products and services. In fact, thousands or millions of individuals can be reached this way, as followers may share the posts with those they know.

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Users want information quickly. When a page takes too long to load, they are likely to go elsewhere to find the material. The same is true when a page is text-heavy. Avoid this issue and make use of infographics to provide what viewers are looking for in an easy-to-read format. Users love having the material presented in this way and are more likely to share it as a result. Every time the material is shared, others learn of the brand, which builds awareness.

Car Wraps

Imagine advertising the business everywhere you go. Accomplishing this goal has never been easier thanks to car wraps. One car wrap can obtain up to 80,000 views a day. This is one method of quickly increasing brand awareness that every company should consider, as the return on investment is excellent.


Don’t overlook Twitter when it comes to social media sites. Doing so could be a mistake. Wendy’s, the popular fast-food restaurant, has built up a following on this site, as people come to see who the company will roast next. For example, when one follower asked where the nearest McDonald’s restaurant was, Wendy’s responded with a picture of a trash can. People took note and shared the tweet with others, increasing Wendy’s brand awareness. Any time the media mentions its brand, the company also responds, and these tweets help to keep the brand in the consumer’s mind.

Use creative and unique ways to build brand awareness. By doing so, you’ll find you reach your target audience with less effort on your part. This is always beneficial, as the funds saved on marketing can be used for other purposes to grow the organization.

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