Programs like TGI manufacturing software make it much easier for project managers to oversee the manufacturing of their new product line. The manager is responsible for the items that are coming off the assembly line, and the manager must have a way of keeping up with every part of the manufacturing process. Everything from parts, to raw materials, to salaries to sales can be handled with jut one computer program. When all these items are kept in one place, it is much easier for the manager to get the results they are looking for.


The budget for the project must be watched over at every step. When the manager is spending money on the materials for the project, the salary of the workers, their own salary and marketing the product, they must have those figures in one place that is easy to find. When the budget is in an integrated system, it is much easier to keep track of.


The production rates that are happening on the floor of the factory must be monitored at all times. The rates of production must be checked every day, and the manager must make sure that they are reaching their goals every week. If the goals must change, the manager can compare their old goals to their new goals. Plus, the manager can compare the costs of production from week to week. This will help them keep track of the budget as they change their production expectations.

There are many ways to keep an eye on a manufacturing project, but there is no way for the business to manage their projects simply if they are not using software. One software program that puts the whole manufacturing process in one place makes the manager’s job simpler, but it also allows the manager to do their job better.