The country’s 50-64 year olds represent a very big market indeed, and those looking to sell to them would do well to know just what it takes to appeal to them.

The issue however, is that the next generation of pensioners is not one big homogeneous group; there are several different groups within it, and all of them will be looking for different things. Age UK, a charity, have recently broken down some data to establish seven different ‘clusters’.

Clusters One and Two are ideal targets for most marketers. They’re made up of affluent men who are in comfortable positions and likely have very solid careers. Their only real worries in life are health issues. Status and appearance are the best ways of appealing to these groups – you’ll notice that this is what most premium products place their focus on. They’ll also want control and choice – their pensions will be strategic investments for instance.

Cluster Three mainly feature women at the younger end of the bracket. They’re likely to have good careers, but face the juggle of both older children and their own aging parents. Time is in short supply for this group, which means that successfully marketing to them means showing them that your product or service is going to give them more of it, or make their lives more convenient.

Cluster Four is similar to three, but this one features men that have some concerns over their finances. They aren’t necessarily having difficulties, but they feel as though they’re going to have to work for a lot longer, and aren’t all satisfied with life. These people want to be relaxed by what you’ve got to offer. They have many of the same aspirations as the first two groups, but they also want value for money.

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Clusters Five and Six are mostly made up of women in a similar position to the men in Four. There is considerable nostalgia here too – things used to be better for them, and there’s definitely an opportunity to market to them in such a way. Does your business do things ‘properly’ like it used to be done?

The final cluster, Seven, can be a trickier one to appeal to, as these are people who are suffering both ill health and poor finances. Showing that you care is a good way to win them round, and premium products will not work here.


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