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If you’re ready to trade your car in for a newer model, it’s convenient to simply go directly to the dealer. However, selling your car privately is often more profitable, although it takes a bit of time and effort. The key to maximizing your profits when selling a car is to write and distribute a successful online listing. You want to give your car as much positive exposure as possible, to increase your pool of potential buyers. The following are a few tips to keep in mind as you think about putting your car on the market.

Set the Right Price

Choosing the right asking price is one of the most important facets of selling a car privately. You can take your car into a dealership to find out what they would pay for it, but chances are that you can make more on your own. It’s helpful to look at existing listings for similar makes and models to see what the going rates are in your local market. Be aware that many factors can influence price, including age, mileage, and features. It’s best to start off at the higher end of the price range, because most buyers will want to negotiate and haggle for a better deal. However, if you price your car too high, this may be off-putting to serious buyers.

List your Car in Multiple Venues

There’s an array of free or low-cost listings websites that could attract numerous buyers. Craigslist, Gumtree, and eBay Motors are all popular options, as well as websites specifically dedicated to auto listings. Auto forums for specific models like Porsche or Volkswagen can also be a good place to drum up interest. In addition to listing your advertisement on these various websites, spread the word on Facebook or Twitter to your network of contacts. A friend or family member may be in the market for a new car. Finally, an old-fashioned sign in your car’s window can be surprisingly effective. Remember, the more views that your advertisement receives; the higher you’ll most likely be able to sell your car for.

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Write a Compelling Description

With an array of advertising venues in mind, the next step is to actually write your listing. You’ll need to include basics such as your vehicle identification number, colour, year, make, model, and current mileage. If your car carries any optional equipment, this should be listed as well. Try to tell a story as you write your ad, rather than just a list of features. Explain how reliable your car’s been and the services that have been performed on it to paint a picture for the reader. Highlight your car’s strongest attributes, but don’t forget its flaws as well or you’ll just be wasting a buyer’s time.

Take Great Photos

Your ad is much more likely to be looked at if it has some clear, crisp photos attached. Be sure to clean your car and take these photos against a clean, uncluttered background for best results. Don’t be afraid to try out different angles to get the best shots, and then choose the best of the bunch for your advertisement.

By taking the time to research your competition, set a competitive price, and show off your car in its best lighting, you’ll increase interest from potential buyers. This will help you get the highest possible price for your car, giving you added buying power for a newer model.


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