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Coupons are almost everywhere, from florists to funeral homes, it seems like everyone is offering a coupon for something. With so many coupons floating around it might seem as though it’s rather pointless to create a coupon for your business. After all, who is going to use them? Won’t they just get lost in the mix? There are ways you can make coupons stand out from the crowd and draw in customers. By using the following tactics, you can help take your coupons from one of the many to top of the stack.

Merchandise Mind Games

There is an awful lot of psychology that goes into sales. Shoppers like to get a great deal, but they want to know what they’re saving up front. If you make the deal sound as attractive as possible, you can take a standard sale and make it seem like a really great deal. For instance, if you’re thinking of having a 50 percent off sale on items that all cost the same thing, make it a buy one get one (BOGO) sale, instead. Yes, it’s the same thing as everything being half off, but all the customer hears is “free”. Similarly, use pounds off instead of percentage off in your coupon text. For instance “20 pounds off” sounds a lot more attractive than 20 percent off a 100 pound item. It’s the same thing, but it sounds more attractive. Make the coupon text work for you.

Now’s the Time

Make sure you create a sense of urgency when you word your coupon. Studies show that 83 percent of people say they’ve made a purchase they didn’t intend to make because of a promotion. Things like “ends tomorrow”, “one day only”, and so on can help you create a sense of urgency so your customers will feel more compelled to purchase straight away.

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Secret Club

People like to feel as though they’re in on something that nobody else is. This can work to your advantage when you go to create a coupon. By offering coupons only to your social media followers, for instance, you make them feel as though they’re part of a select group of people that are able to access this deal, and they will often purchase because of that. Additionally, local search marketing can work to your advantage in this manner, as well. Offer a deal only to the people in your city or locality, and people will often purchase because they feel a sense of exclusivity.

Personalised Coupons

While personalizing coupons can be a bit more difficult than simply sending out a deal to your Twitter followers, it works quite well. For instance, if you own a flower shop and your customer Sally buys flowers for her mother every year in August, send her a coupon for birthday flowers at the end of July and make it good for the month of August. Using tactics like this can not only make your customer feel important, but it offers them a deal right when they need it, likely resulting in a sale.

Get the Message Out

Coupons don’t do any good if nobody knows they exist. For this reason you should make sure you spend a good amount of time considering how to distribute your coupons and make others aware of your deal. Look into local, post, and online distribution methods, and use every method you possibly can. Using these tips can help you create coupons that get your customers’ attention, inspire them to shop at your store, and perhaps create a life-long customer.

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