[UPDATE] April 18th 2013: Already passed $100 threshold, screenshot at the bottom…

[UPDATE] April 16th 2013: Now Made Over $85 in 11 days. screenshot at the bottom…

[UPDATE] April 15th 2013: Now Made Over $75 in 10 days. screenshot at the bottom…

I like to keep my posts short and straight to the point, because I understand that you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and  you need to implement ways to make money with your blog or website immediately.

The post you’re about to read is something I always look forward to reveal, the honest and good paying websites or networks. And is the one, this is not sponsored or promotional post at all, this is the best adsense alternative I found.

About is contextual advertising network, where you can join and add your website for a review. Basically you will make money by placing their ads on your website. I made over $40 in just 7 days,  sometimes making more then $6 a day, for some contextual ads running on your blog, that’s really good.

Something similar like adsense, but pays more, a lot more, but we will get there soon. And powers the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program, so you’re pretty sure that some big advertisers are using their networks and of course great publishers.

With more than 400 employees, has one of the largest teams worldwide building a global contextual advertising business.

What amazed me the most, is the design and usability of their platform, you can track your earnings with modern graphs. When creating the ads, you can change every single detail, not like on adsense, where only premium publishers have those privileges.

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You can’t track CPC or CTR, (cost per click, click through rate) but you can track your RPM which is revenue per 1000 impressions, which is enough data for me. If you want more date about your website, traffic and clicks, revenue, leads, there is always a good solution called Google Analytics (smile).

On you can change ads color, format, link color, place the ads where you want, and the best thing is, that one of their support stuff even created and optimized the ads for me, and I’m a regular publisher, just like you will be if you join.

How to Place Ads Properly

Choose bigger ad formats, sometimes it’s good to make the ad stand out from the rest of the content on the page.  Don’t use the regular sizes, if you do, then make sure they are placed before the content or after the content. First or second position on your right or left sidebar is ok too. If you’re not sure about placements, contact their support and they will be more than happy to give you advice for best earnings potential.

How I Made Over $40 in just 7 days

Very easy, the reason I’m making this amount of money is because of the traffic I receive, but even if you have smaller traffic, it’s ok, if your traffic is of high quality and love what you write and provide, you will still make some good money. Payments are made through Paypal. Minimum payout is $100. You will be paid 30 days after the end of the month in which you hit the $100 mark.

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Like I mentioned earlier, I got the help from the one of their team members and it worked, I have even generated over $7 on one day. Here is the screenshot for the last 7 days: review   Reports   Reports (1)   Reports (2)

I had to hide some parts, because of terms and I’m not sure what I’m allowed to reveal, but I’m sure that showing earnings and days is ok. So, there you go, I’m not showing this to brag or anything, just to tell you that it’s possible, this is a great part time income and extra cash on the side for posting couple of contextual ads. My secret are ads above and after the article, and that’s how this income was possible.

Thanks for reading and leave me your comment below and tell me what you think.



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    • Hi Priyan, like I mentioned in the post, you cannot track your CPC but RPM Instead. And yes for me it’s by far the best adsense alternative online.

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

        • Why Would I ? They don’t work with their publishers and don’t pay as much as does. I’m already at over $70 with in 10 days only. How much did you earn with adsense with one of your blogs in 10 days? This will for sure answer your question

          thanks for stopping by

          • Nope, I don’t agree with that. I sometimes get CPC of up to $.50 on some of my blogs, which lets me earn more than even $500 per month with just traffic of around 10k.

            • Muhammad Kashaan


              Hello Admin, i read your post and only 1 thing i want to ask from you that have you got yuor PAYMENT from because you did not mentioned it on your post and if yes then how long it take and what criteria you selected to get your amount thanks!

              • Hi Muhammad, they work on Net 30 basis, the money you earn in April you will Get In May. For example, the money I earned in April will get in couple of days, by the end of this month May. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. In which niche, that’s not possible in simple blogging niches or tech niches at all. And you didn’t take time and effort in consideration to find those “secret niches”.

    Average blogger with 10k traffic, cannot make that much money with his simple blog using adsense, that’s why is better, they pay you per RPM, not per click.

    And it doesn’t matter in which topic or niche you’re involved into.

    thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. im try create account but not approved…plz help get add account

  3. Pls mr James I want know the ratio of the amount the take in to the one the pay their publisher. Example Google AdSense take 45% and leave the remaining 55% to their publisher, what of Thanks

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