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Since childhood we hear one important thing – money are made to be spent. Nothing wrong in that, since no one will ever give you everything you want in life in exchange to something different than money. still, there are some ways in which you can put money aside in order to spend on something else, instead of food or other things. In case you wish to know how to make these things, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto out mini money tips and tricks to take up this summer in order to make your dreams come true without money being a problem!


  1. Hide Money From Yourself

Having your money on your debit card is one of the worst things to do these days. Not only are you always using it so that all of your money are going round, but you are also not keeping track of your spendings. In this case, what better strategy to take up would be there if not hiding the money from your own person? Trust me, there is a blessing setting up a process of taking part of your money every month, money that you will save in a saving account that you can not access it too quickly. By this way, there will be no temptation left to take you up this time.


  1. Talk the Money Language

There are many money words you should know, starting with ATM, cash flow, 400K so on so forth. By the time you will have all these things in your mind, there is nothing left to do than speak the money language – which means money will come to you fastly and easily!

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  1. Save Money for the Black Days

Believe it or not, the unexpected can not always be planned. This is the main reason why having some money put aside for the black days will help you not entering debts – or just have that freedom to cope with something you have not previously planned.


  1. Track your Spendings

This is one thing to do at every age. By tracking your spendings you are aware of your expenses as well as of the sums of money you are spending on useless things. This strategy can easily help you see what you can cut from your spendings and also understand that there are things you can live without.


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