How far away are you from your first million dollars with your median pay? Probably a hundred years. However, there are more and more examples of individuals or small groups of individuals that have reached their first million in short while. No, these aren’t inheritors of oil companies, nor brokers. We are talking about developers that have created catchy Android and iOS apps. Here are a few stories.

Vietnamese that had luck

Young Vietnamese Dong Nguyen has created a pretty simple game for mobile phones – Flappy Bird. The simple task in the game is not to allow the bird to hit the obstacles. He created the app in only few days, but at one moment he has been earning incredible $50 000 per day from ads.

What can happen when you apply to work at Facebook and you get rejected?

Bryan Acton and Jan Koum have applied to work in Facebook, but they weren’t lucky enough. However that didn’t discourage them, and in 2009. they created a little company you might know by name Whats App. Today this app for sending of free messages has more then 600 million users. Oh yeah, the irony, WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook for tiny sum of 19 billion dollars.

Student that has earned $20 000 in a day – from home

After his first year at collage, Nick Walter has got great internship at IT company Praiveda Solutions in Seattle. However, this job was too boring for him. That’s why he decided to reduce time at collage, and dedicate it to developing of how to app. Encouraged by the income during his initial launch of the app Swift he completely dedicated his time to development. First day of the launch of Swift, he received 1600 users. On second day he started charging the app $199, and by the end of the day, he earned $20 000. This sum is rising daily.

At 17 he earned millions

Nick D’Aloisio was 15 when he created Summly, an app that uses refined algorithm to sum up news from different sources. When Nick turned 17, Yahoo has bought Summly for 30 million dollars.