It pissed you off. Sorry for starting with such strong words, but this is exactly what you are likely to feel when you find that despite doing your best and even going kowtow to some strange policies of Google, your adsense account has finally been freezed. And the worse part, you are done for your life.

To put it simply, your romance with adsense is over and there is no way you can give it a fresh start. Some bloggers simply go crazy, some are left with a broken heart, some simply quit the game but there are some brave heart bloggers, who stand up and face situation.

However, I do accept that getting banned by Adsense is certainly a major setback to your economic prospect, but there is still a world beyond Google Adense and a steady income from your blogging passion without Google Adsense is not that distant dream. Here are going to share you few (since there are not many) alternative ways of making money:

Sponsored review: There are hundreds of advertisers who would happily spend their dollars on your blog if you blog manages to show some character in the form of a solid readership base, twitter followers, facebook likes and other similar things. In short, you need to make it appear that your blog worth every single penny they are going to spend on your blog.

Make it look hot and happening with fresh and sharable content and make sure there are enough comments that can make the sponsors find some interest in your blog. Make it eye candy with awesome interface and have a nice and super easy navigation and I hope this will do the trick.

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Find Solace in another Service Provider: There are numerous alternatives of Adense available. However, let me make it clear that you cannot expect the same level of return from them since they do not have such large database of advertisers.

Here are some powerful alternatives of Google adwords that you should not miss out on AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolinks, Intellilinks, Pocket Cents, Kontera, Clicksor etc. You have to try your luck in any of them and if the Lady Luck favors you this time around, I think, you would not have to bother much about Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing: This is another way of making some hard cash. There is plenty of information available as to how to run an affiliate business and it is damn easy. All you got to do is to take affiliate of a business that should be related to the theme of the blog, at least this is what people usually expect.

For say, if you are running a travel blog, you can take affiliation of travel agency. In simple agency, you will use your blog to promote the service and you will be rewarded with a certain percentage of the income generated via your website. Every great ecommerce sites like Amazon have their unique affiliation model.

Try BuySellAds and its Likes: Though getting qualified for BuySellAds is definitely not that easy. Your blog needs to have an insane number of impressions and visitors before being eligible for it. So, if you have got banned for Adsense, you need to work your tails off to make your eligible to enter BuySellAds. There are hundreds of high quality blogs like Sixth Revisions, Smashing Magazine etc that are earning a hell lot of money from this.

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  1. I believe affiliate marketing is very good to do when you can’t use adsense anymore. You just need to stay focused and have goals. Make it a goal to spend at least one hour on your site daily and do back linking as well. If you spend at least an hour on your site each day, it will become successful in time. Remember you won’t make money the first week, but if you stick at it, in a few months you will start earning money. The more you stick at it, the more you will earn from your site! Don’t focus on only getting your traffic from Google Search Engine. Create a facebook fan page, a twitter account and build those up as well. This way your traffic is coming from more than one source! You could also give away a free ebook with your website link inside it.

  2. Hi Michael

    It is true. I don’t mind your intro cause it is how I would react. Actually Google Adsense are not the only big thing on making money. Trying your luck on other alternative ways such as Infolinks, Kontera etc are great. But what most important thing is to build your audience through quality content and utilizing social media platform to update your blog activity. A good traffic flow will increase your rate on making money online. Do you agree?

  3. Great advice. Google is so bipolar that it’s ridiculous sometimes. It always wise to recognize the threats that exist to your cash cow and have some kind of back up plan just in case. If you don’t it’s likely that you are going to come up short at some point and that can REALLY be painful if you have all your eggs in on basket. Spread both your income stream AND your traffic methods around, so that when one area takes a hit, you are not standing in the bread line.

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