Are you already blogging? Good, we are on the same path then! If you have already set up a small business such as a blog, looking for ways to promote it should be the key – since the more followers you have the more money you gain! Of course, at first they will not be enough not even for the bills, but as time goes by and as people will come onto your blog, things will slowly start to change. Stick with us to see whether or not a giveaway would be an interesting idea for you to take up and also, if so, what the giveaway should include!

Yay or Nay?

Are you a book lover, in need of a new paint or just a person looking for a chance to get something for free? Well, we got a blog you cannot say no! This is how it might sound for someone who accesses your blog page after seeing you got a giveaway planned on. Of course, a giveaway is definitely a YAY for promoting your little or big business, but nonetheless, a great opportunity to develop yourself and gain more people on your page. Everyone would enroll to it and then come back to see if they won, so you already got 2 clicks per person! Are you ready for this?

Okay, but… What should I give away?

Now, let’s see how things are. In order to decide upon what to give away, think about your budget. At first, companies will not throw away gifts to you – but it does not mean they won’t, as time goes by. Try to look up for a little association, someone that could help you with a book. For instance, they gain popularity when being on your website and on the other hand, you promote yourself. It is a win-win, and if they don’t accept it, don’t worry! Sales are up for anything, and you can get the book for less than $4 if you know where to look. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for it; just something less than $10 would work. Or, give away something you already have!

For how long to keep the giveaway open?

Somewhere between one week to one month is perfect! Not too long but definitely not too little, the timing is perfect for people to enroll and have a chance to win!