So, you have a passion for photography but the uncertainties and the low pay package that make you choose otherwise. But this is not the case any more.

The boom of blogging industry and the popularity of modern websites have opened up a floodgate of opportunity for freelance photographers to earn cash steadily and at the same time pursue their passion without caring any fig for the low pricing.

Since website owners are constant need of great imageries to keep their website fresh and to hook the attention of visitors, there is no dearth of demand of such stock photographs.

So, it is never too late to dream your passion. Lets bid goodbye to our comfort zone and get into the madness of photography and start feeling the real life once again:



Be a Freelance and Live Your Life: Life of a freelance photographer is certanly not that easy. Struggles are there but you can at same time enjoy freedom like anything else. Freedom from late working hours, unbearable pressure, from the boring task, from the nagging of boss and the list thus goes on. By becoming a freelance photographer, you can easily be your own boss. There are hundred of stock photography sites that would happy accept you a contributor and all you need to do is to have some great shots and you will live your life in a never before way, free from the daily grinding that was killing you inside.

Be a Full Timer: Yah, if you continue to improve your skills or continue to charm the stock photography sites with your creative and awesome shots, you are sure to get eligible for a full time job. However, job of a photographer is gloriously different. There will be less strictness but as always, there will be some deadline related issues but believe me that the entire thing will be challenging and you will have a hell of great time.

Contribute to Them All: Why stick to a particular stock photography site. Whenever you feel that you deserve to get paid more, you need to send a mail containing some of your most awesome shots in that mail and you are sure to get a positive reply. Since major stock photography sites like istockphoto, jupiter images sometimes offer discount coupons to plum up sale and that clearly means that they will be needing more stock images to serve the purpose. So, you can be rest assured that demand of stock imageries will not be an issue and you will be enjoying freelancing for years to come.

Contact Bloggers Directly: There is an alternative way of earning some extra cash. You can contact some bloggers, industry leaders of course and ask them if they can feature some of your greatest shot for a discounted rate. I think they will happily accept your offer as they are always in search for great images to cater to their audience.

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For a review and coupon of iStockPhotos check James’ blog and for information on Jupiter Images read his review. James Smith loves photography and understands the power of images in the blogging business. Selling creative images to stock photography sites is a good way to make money online.