As a parent, you see things and life differently. Of course, you are thinking twice before throwing money on something you might not use in a lifetime, yet when it comes to children, you can do nothing but give to them everything they wish. Still, not all of us are that financially potential, reason why teaching your children how to deal with money is the right thing to do in order to keep yourself on the right track – and their future, as well! The sooner they learn, the better. Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how to teach your children about money – it might well be all worth it.


  1. Calculator

Teaching your children about keeping track of their expenses is the very first thing to do when going shopping. Tell them they have, for instance, $10 every time they go shopping with you to spend them on everything they want. $10 is not at all a big sum of money and on top of that, all the sweets will be purchased based on those $10. By this way, your little children will learn how to cope with those money, how to organise themselves and on top of that – where to stop.


  1. Challenges

If you want your children to learn how to organise their spendings, you should continue by setting them challenges – for instance, give them shopping lists and tell them that the one coming back home with most of the money wins. Children love challenges and by doing that they will basically learn in an easy and fast way how to spend their money properly and how to do in such a way they will save some money back.

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  1. Brainstorming

By teaching your children about money you are aware of the fact that they will start learning what life is. Try brainstorming with them – ask them what would they do in order to both earn and save money in addition to spending as less money as they possibly can. Such an experience is bound to give them reasons to think about money and trust me, by the time they get the main idea, your children will already be on their 20s, spending and organising their money on a weekly basis – so no cent will be dropped without thinking first!


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