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Most of you have used Torrents. However, have you ever wondered how to make few bucks out of it? Well, you must have wondered and given up because someone said it’s impossible to make money through torrents. Fortunately, that isn’t the truth. The truth is that you can make money through Torrent. Don’t worry this is not something related to protecting your files with password; later, forcing users in taking up survey. The tactic I am about to reveal is related to Affiliate Marketing.

What will you require?

  1. An Affiliate Program  (most preferably Amazon)
  2. Articles related to a specific niche (generally copyright free work)
  3. Software to convert Word files into PDF
  4. URL shortening service

What to do?

First, you need to create an eBook. Choose a niche, which is being searched by many. For instance, weight loss, reduce obesity, make money are some of the hottest niche. Try building an eBook on it using copyright free articles. Copyright free articles can be obtained through Article directories provided you give credit. Find articles written by a single author and take some 10 to 20 articles. This will ensure in creating an eBook of 20 pages. You can provide credit either in the beginning or at the end of the eBook.

Secondly, you need to create a front cover for the eBook. Again choose a copyright free image and then edit them using Photoshop. If you are not good at Photoshop then Picasa can come handy. Create a title and place the same over the image.  Now we are done with the cover.

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Thirdly choose a product you wish to promote. Amazon is the best place. Moreover, their conversion rate is high. Therefore, chance of making money with Amazon as your affiliate is more than other affiliates. Ensure that the chosen product is highly related to your niche.

Note: Some Affiliates do not accept traffic from Torrent sites. Therefore, check with your affiliate manager and then proceed.

Lastly, we arrive at the call to action part. You need to place the affiliate link at the starting and at the end of the book. Remember to cloak the links using URL shortening services. Finally, convert the word file into PDF using any word to PDF converter and upload it to several torrent sites.

For the first, few times you might get banned. This is because it is evident you are trying to spam their network (Piratebay love banning). After trial and error style, you will know how to escape being banned and earn through torrents.

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