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What actually determines success? Is it an ever-expanding client base, maybe doubling your annual profits in the space of three months, or even just branching out and opening new locations around the world turning your small business run out of your garage into a multi-national superpower?

The actual definition varies around the business world according to your own perception, but monitoring the success of the business and workforce can actually be done however you want to measure it using all kinds of different software. The key to measuring actual business and workforce success is to consider your main KPIs – key performance indicators – that give the most reliable reflection of your overall success. If you’re meeting these goals, you’re succeeding.

Having mentioned that there is software available to help with the analysis of business and individual success within the business, it makes sense to explain what I mean by this. After all, how can a computer system tell you what’s working well or not?

Analytics software has been developed to give businesses different methods of recording performance. With various functions including reporting and insights you get detailed, statistical analysis that can be taken into your board meetings where you can start to produce the results that board members want to be hearing, and showing them how the business is changing.

It’s very easy to walk into a meeting and say that the company is doing well but if you can use whole business or specific workforce analytics to prove to people using graphs, diagrams and percentages that things are going the right way they’re much more likely to be impressed and maybe even invest more money into the business.

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Presentation skills are very important in sealing new or further investment for your company and will actually sway the decision in the majority of cases. Sure, a well written letter might get you some income, but persuading your shareholders and board members using visible data gets your presentation to the next level.

For many the solution is, and always has been to just use a slideshow using PowerPoint or similar software. However, a lot of these shows get tedious and include too much written information or not enough of the relevant detail. Worst of all they can become very template and viewers can just lose interest no matter how exciting the content of the presentation may be.

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