Have you ever wondered what can do you on a rainy day with a WiFi turned on? Is music your best passion? I know there is no person on Earth not enjoying music, reason why it is extremely important to follow our best habit. In this case, some people have managed to come up with some great ideas – some killing music applications to use on your phone to get the party started! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines, trust me that they will be all worth it when being installed! Let’s see why!



One of the best music applications, Musicovery knows what to play in regards to your mood. If you are having a great day, all you need to do is to shuffle through all the records you find there all in the offline mode. You don’t need to be online for it, only for when the application is being dowloaded. Isn’t this insane? I know I had bad times with music apps, since I always had to have my WiFi on in order to play something. It was just a headache to me! But Musicovery is better than you would believe and it is all free both on iOS and Android.


MP3 Downloader for SoundCloud

This application is one most of us have dreamt of for many times now! Just for how many times have you been on SoundCloud and wished you could have dowloaded something, especially for free? If you are on iOS, you should know you can have all of these for free! So, what are you waiting for?

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Relax Melodies

Have you ever craved to have your relaxing melodies back to your playlist? You don’t have to worry now anymore due to the fact that you might have forgotten to do that before bedtime. The Relax Melodies app is here to help you save time, sleep well and have a great night. All you need to do is to download it for free on iOS or Android and on top of that, the app will create the playlist on your taste – just the songs you wished you could have listened to time before!


Now, it is up to you what music app to take up – one thing is sure in here. The more you enjoy music, the more apps you will download. And why not to take advantange of them, since most of them are free?


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