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If your business is at the stage where it’s running smoothly and turning a profit, you’re already defying the odds. The failure rate of many small businesses is high, and so to just get to this stage is fantastic. However you don’t want to get complacent, there’s always room to grow and improve, and make each system of your business run that bit better. Here are some things to consider.

Efficient Computers and Technology

Fast computers will make everyone’s job so much easier, and allow them to be far more efficient in the tasks they perform. If yours are old and due an update don’t hold back, you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run. Tasks will be performed more quickly by your employees, and you will save money in repair costs too. You could give people the choice between a Mac or PC, as people will work faster on machines they’re used to using. Phones are another piece of technology to get right in the office, with old fashioned telephones no longer cutting the mustard. You could check out a company like Commander to see what the latest innovations in phones could do for communication in your business.

Good Business Software

As well as good computers, you need the right software to run on them. The right software will save you time and money-  which are of course two incredibly valuable things in business. You could use accounting software to keep good records making it easier for your accountant to work out your taxes (and cheaper too since they won’t need to spend as many hours on it). Live chat software will help you connect better with your customers, make your business look more legitimate and reliable as well as ensuring and queries are handled quickly. There are many kinds of business software out there, each of them can be invaluable in your business so be sure to research what’s out there.

A Fantastic Office Space

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A great office environment makes for happier and more motivated staff. This will translate to an increased workflow and more profit for you too. The office is the place where your workers will spend a huge part of their day (and their life in general!) so something comfortable and inviting is key. Redecorate in calming neutral tones, using light colours to make the room feel more spacious. Add living plants, which can make the office feel less clinical and have even been shown to make workers more productive. Have a communal area for staff breaks too so that everyone doesn’t have to go off site throughout the day. A few comfortable chairs, a coffee machine, and a vending machine is all you need if you want to keep it simple.

Security Systems

Burglars like to target offices because they contain lots of valuable items like computing equipment, and in the case of some businesses cash too. Plus they know that most offices are empty outside of the hours 8am- 6pm. Having high-quality CCTV and burglar alarm systems will protect your assets. Any cash or valuables should be locked in a strong safe that’s bolted down, with the contents taken off periodically to the bank or wherever else they belong. You spend time and money locking up and protecting your home so why wouldn’t you do the same for your office? Choosing an office that’s not on the ground floor is your best bet as these are the biggest risk for thieves. But if this is unavoidable, consider having some shutters installed on the windows and locking them up at the end of each day


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