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Interview between businessmen
Interview between businessmen

Changing jobs or only trying to make your own place into a new one might seem to be a risky business. No joke in that, since most of all find it rather difficult to change themselves on the kind of person one likes – and that one would be no one else, but the boss itself. Still, even at a job interview there might be asked some rather different questions from what you would have expected, and you definitely can not run from that. Instead, preparation is the key! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to be convinced that we’ve got your back!


Your Age

A simple question such as „How old are you???? could have many meanings. And I am not telling you this just because I am a woman – actually, what an employer could find out out of that would be, of course, you age – but most important, your experience. Age will tell whether or not you managed to succeed throughout your life, your best accomplishments and in short, will tell what are your goals for the future, as a person.



Again, employers are seeking information about your life, one would say. Still, there is a different interpretation in here. Believe it or not, such questions will tell whether or not you would prioritise your job (since employers might look for single persons to hire, taking into account the fact that they might have more time to keep up with the work), how fast your mind could run home, at your family, as well as how stressed you might end up by working over it, yet you could share with the employer the fact that you have understood his requirements and add your best involvements in that – schedule, job coming first etc.

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Probably one of the most sensitive issues, religion is by far something you should keep an eye on and work when being at a job interview. Trust me, there is nothing harder for someone to build his own first impression after blowing it off with the religion issue. This is just how it works, and there is basically nothing else to do – just learn to be more diplomatic, try not to show off your involvement in the religious ideologies (mainly if the employer doesn’t appeal to be keen on it) and there you go!


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