Yes we changed our logo, it’s new, it’s designed by a professionals and t’s branded now. Since in two months, we will celebrate the 2 year existence of this blog, to be exact on January 17th. The blog needed a new picture, something to represent a good financial blog, which I think we are, and branding is always a good idea, it makes a business to stand out from a crowd of competitors.

So, new logo is here, it represents money and life, it’s hard to explain but, you all know that the when you type a life on search engines, you will probably get a picture of a tree, which is why we made our brand icon to be just that.

Here is the icon:

and a bit of finances on the tree, as you can see the dollar sign. I think that designer found the perfect match between the financial world and a life of a person. From now on, whenever you see this amazing tree, it will represent this blog.


Now the text of the logo is pretty simple, we excluded the dollar sign from the text itself and just left a simple textual representation. It’s a mixture of a blue and green, which is somehow a trademark of this blog.

Here is the complete logo, with the text and the icon:


All the work is done by a company called “cheaplogodesign” but let me tell you, don’t make the name full you, they know they trade, you can also check their portfolio which is pretty amazing.

Thank you for being with me and this blog for nearly 2 years, and I hope that you will still be here with me and my team in the future and that our online businesses will only get bigger and better.

Thank you for your time