Scientists have predicted that in 2030 job markets will be offering all kinds of different and completely new professions and interdisciplinary will be the foundation of each new profession.


Nostalgists or Nostalgia Professionals will be interior designers that will revive the favorite memories and moments of their clients. If you would need your old living room from the 1980s or kitchen from the 90s the nostalgia professionals will bring that back to life.

This profession will include and will be derived from therapists, a historian and interior designers.

Nostalgist-900x540Nature Restorers / Rewilders

The job people in this profession will have to do includes fixing damages that mankind has dealt to the nature and environment. In other words they will remove fences, concrete buildings and different remains and change them with nature and green areas.

People interested in these professions will have to master the skills of agriculture and environmental planning.

Rewilder-900x540Simplicity Experts

This profession will be especially in demand in business sector where the main goal will be simplification of every day tasks, processes and obligations that are performed daily inside huge companies and corporations. They will have to face the problems of reducing 15 step tasks into single steps and reduce three day work into half an hour.

The skills this form of expert will have to possess include mathematics and empathy.


End Of Life Therapists

As life expectancy increases the need for therapy and help of experts in planning the last phase of life will increase as well.

The person that plans on becoming a death planning therapists will need to have experience with  social welfare, nursing, health care, education and psychology.