You may have never been to university, and you might be under the impression that means great jobs are out of reach. But that’s not true and as a matter of fact, there are plenty of great jobs you can get where you don’t need any degree at all. Let’s look at a few of them and prove once and for all that great grades and degrees aren’t everything.


To be an entrepreneur, you just need to start your own company and guess what? You can do that without any degree! Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today never went to university, and if they did, they dropped out before they obtained a full degree. As such, there’s now no boundaries on who can become a business owner. The precedence is already there for high school dropouts to become billionaires!

Teaching Support Assistant

Or, how about becoming a teaching support assistant? You might need a qualification to be a teaching assistant, but it’s not the same as a full degree. Instead, you can learn by being a part time teacher in real classrooms often working one on one with students. It’s a tough road but the holidays are great and the pay can be quite high. Particularly if you get a position in one of the job schools around the country.


Money isn’t everything and if you don’t care about the cash but want a rewarding career, why not think about becoming a nurse. As a nurse, you’ll still be able to choose your specialisation. For instance, oncology nurses work to help cancer patients with their treatment. They can also be a shoulder to lean on when they are coming to terms with their illness. You can find out more about this career path in the following infographic.


Infographic Produced By Staffnurse