Nowadays, the disease of the decade seems to take up everything that interferes with it – people, workers and even things. Whether you have experienced such aspects on your own skin or not, an object always has either a possitive or a negative energy. Thus, even an object can drive any of us into optimism, negativism or stress – let alone when being at office.


These days, having a job is more a requirement than a pleasure, reason why the pressure that weights off one’s shoulders is influencial enough to drive him crazy. If you wish to see what aspects to avoid when getting a new job, deciding to look for another one or just make an analysis between your work and the results, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over the most annoying office habits that can’t be generally stand!


Aspects in Regards to the Behaviour

Believe it or not, people would rather condemn a harsh behaviour than a drop in the salary. Studies have concluded that assertiveness is the key in these situations, and if not being applied, they belong in the top most annoying habits, 20% of the UK workers rating rudeness&poor manners among them.


The Joy of Working

During youth, when no big responsibilities are there to be held, the joy of working lays in the pleasure of seeing the outcome expected. The greatest hacker of all times to this joy is frustration, which among people from Scotland, Wales and Ireland found it as the most maddening behaviour to people aged 25 to 34 years old.

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Offensive Vocabulary

When having co-workers by your side and all of them being mixed up with stress, there is no way for your ears to remain clean and pure. From time to time, a word, expression or phrase will pass by and thus, your focus might be pushed back. „Touch Base???, „Ping Me??? or „Going Forward??? does not meet the interests and motivation of a fellow co-worker who tries hard to get his work done within a stressful envirnment.

One great way to end up this custom would be the implementation of a pay-per-lingo rule, in which anyone who uses offensive vocabulary will have to drop a bill into a jar. It will definitely work, since the method has been taken up by most workers in big companies worldwide.


Thus being said, thre is no need to add the implications of stress in a worker’s life and also, in a company’s future. More of the most annoying office habits most workers can’t stand can be found here.


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