Have you set up a business some time ago, and met one of the first problems? Do the expectations of the old clients seem to break your relationship with the new ones? Well, you should firstly know that is one of the most common problems any business interferes with. In case you wish to find more about the solution, the interpretation and the main overall, stick with us and follow this quick guide on learning how to deal with both of them! You might not know, but it could easily save up your business!

Understand the both parts to SAVE your Business

As a business with some kind of history, you should have already managed to gather some good clients to work with. As time pass, new customers enter your business and you need to adapt on their taste. This means that you are slowly changing some things in your enterprise, reason why the old clients might find that frustrating and not entertaining – instead, they choose to go to another business that might satisfy their high expectations – that once where your problem.

Communication is Important

When it comes to fights between the old and the new clients, communication is utterly important. Make some time in order to talk to them, just like parents do with children. In addition, try to promote the fidelity contracts as much as possible and, for instance, come up with some offers like: 20% discount to our 1 year clients, 25% to 2 years clients, and so on so forth. By this way, you will gain the old ones back and motivate the new ones stay into your business longer!

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Seal the Guide

On top of the lines above, one is utterly important – start sealing a bond connection between the old and the new clients, letting them know their requirements, expectations and history in the business. The more they find out about the business, the more excited will they be to stay more in it. In addition, by this way you gain double clients and make the new ones stay more, due to the great deals the old ones made with your business – and over which the new ones have already known about! Keep they arranged, organized and as close as possible and you will slowly see how a problem can easily be turned into a great new business!


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