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In our digital world, where you can access almost anything online, now even internet divorces are becoming commonplace. One in five of couples are turning to their tablets, smartphones, and laptops to make the break. And it’s thought that the recent cuts to legal aid are responsible for the sudden popularity, because more than 200,000 people will lose financial support from the government, if they want to legally split.

If trends continue, this could mean more than 25,000 online divorces in a year. From some experts, there are concerns that easy divorces will increase the level of divorces across the country…which seems logical enough.

Is That A Bad Thing?

Why is divorce considered such a shocking plague on the house of marriage? We’d all like to think that we’ll stay with our partners forever, but things change, people change, and feelings change. Surely it’s better to part ways when there’s no mutual love left in the relationship than take the medieval attitude that once wed, you must stay together in symbiotic misery for the rest of your days?

If you have children, seeing your parents unhappily married is far more emotionally damaging than any split could be.

Yet experts have claimed that easier divorces will damage the institution of marriage. But then again, haven’t we already heard similar claims from the anti-gay marriage sector? And it’s hardly a convincing statement.

Saving Money

Online divorces can be purchased for as little as £37. With family law solicitors rates reaching huge highs of between £200 and £500 per hour, it’s no wonder that this is a more attractive prospect. During a recession, only the rich would be able to afford to split! And divorce is expensive enough as it is…when all you want to do is end your marriage legally.

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However, not all divorces are suited to the online split package. When couples cannot amicably agree settlements, and if there are domestic violence or child custody problems, they should still head to the court room and seek legal advice. On the subject of saving money specifically for children, a secure approach is having an effective savings plan in place.

Bear in mind, everyone still needs to pay the £300 court fee, regardless of whether they divorce online or with a solicitor. The ‘quickie’ divorce industry is growing, as it’s cheap and fast – just what many couples want. Yet experts warn that low-cost firms sometimes can create expensive mistakes for couples, as they don’t cover vital legal negotiations between the partners.

But generally, the naysayers are people who want unhappy couples to be locked together forever. Online divorces could be the perfect answer for those with limited funds, when the government has made so many cuts to benefits and aid.

Besides, it’s important for couples to move on quickly, rather than wait for months, or even years, for their divorce settlement to be battled out amongst solicitors. If you can settle it amicably yourselves, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going online and ordering the court papers.


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