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Many online businesses have had their ups and downs last year. While there are a few who managed to weather the Panda and Penguin storm, most of online businesses succumbed to the trigger-happy updates which washed their websites out of the rankings. This year, online businesses should be more focused on social media optimization mainly because links here are natural, thus recognized by Google.

If your business is one of the victims of SEO problems last year and you want to bounce back, there are a number of things you should consider. Here is a fearless forecast of the upcoming trends and updates in the social media industry this year.

Rise of Mobile Social Media

According to statistics, mobile phone users who use social media platforms have increased by over 60 percent during the past year. What’s interesting is that this development will carry over this year. Experts are saying that this is the result of continuous domination of smartphones and tablets. This only means more people prefer to browse the Internet and check their social media accounts while on the go.

As a business owner, you have to maximize this trend and use it for your advantage. How? Simple. Make sure you optimize your websites, features and services to fit most mobile devices. That way, more social media users would be able to know about your company and the services you offer.

Social Media Advertising Will Increase

Last year, a lot of businesses and companies stopped making pop-up advertisements, banners and other annoying ads and promotional tactics. Instead, they made sure to make promotional tweets, Facebook status posts, comments, etc.

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This year, your business should avoid the traditional techniques and make the transition to social media advertising. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper, it is also proven to yield better results.

Businesses Will Get Tons of Information

Through social media, businesses and websites now have the opportunity to get loads of information from their target market and present clients. What they just need to do is post something that would pique the interest of potential consumers, and they’re ready to go.

2013 will offer more tools and new strategies which enable businesses to use this information to tailor their services and products. They just need to make sure to keep it engaging and interactive.

Content Will Still Be King

Content is still king alright, but it should be high quality content. Gone were the days when content can be spun, rewritten and reposted in a variety of websites and blogs. Now, if your content is not up to date and your readers would not get anything ‘new’ from it, it would not be king.

If you want to be read by your prospective customers, make sure your content can help them in any way. Once you have produced such content, share it to social media platforms and wait for the results.

2013 is the Year for Social Media

In conclusion, this year will be the height of social media when it comes to marketing and promotion. More businesses will use it as a medium to promote their services and products. And as a competitor, make sure you are not left   behind.  Click here to get the best SEO and social media marketing services in the industry today.

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