There are many business opportunities online, but many of them will take  a lot of investing. However, it is possible to set up a business online with very little money or none at all. You just have to know what to do and you will be limited in the opportunities available to you.

Many people think of a business as buying and selling things and therefore feel that they will not be able to do this without investing any money. Obviously stock does cost money and therefore you would need to invest to be able to do this. However, there are other ways to make money online and it is worth learning more about them so that you can decide whether you could make money this way even without money to invest.

You can sell services rather than goods. Therefore if you have some skills that you can charge money for, then you could sell those. This could be anything from, programming or writing to health services or teaching. There are many different services that you could sell online. The only problem with selling services is that you are restricted to how much money you can make because of the amount of time that you have. However, it could still be possible to make a decent amount of money this way.

Another way to make money is through affiliate links. This is where a company ill pay you for providing a lead. So if you link to an item for sale on a website and it sells as a result of someone clicking the link from your site, you will receive some commission. There are companies that you can sign up with to earn this way. Many will only pay out once you accumulate a certain amount of earnings and it could then still take quite a while before you get paid. Some companies will have lots of online shops under their umbrella that you can link to and some will just do their own.

You could also make money through advertising. If you set up a website then you may be able to charge people to advertise on it. You can approach advertisers directly or you can go through websites which generate adverts for you and will pay you if visitors click through the ads. These can pay less because you have to rely on visitors actually clicking the advert and a lot of Internet users just do not do this either through principle or because they are afraid of scams. However, it is not always easy to find advertisers to deal with your directly, particularly when you are first starting out. It is worth a try though, you can offer then banner ads but also text link adverts either on all pages or home page or links in a sponsored blog post or other things like that. There are a lot of options that you can try.

You may want to have your own domain name for your website, which will cost money as well as hosting, but it is possible to get these for free if you want to pay out nothing at all. You will need a lot of time though and the skills to know how to make a website and get people to visit it.